Accepting old age the key to enjoy it

30-09-2012. Categories:
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Being possitive, doing several activities and sharing with other persons is fundamental. “Old age is not a time of sadness and disease. In fact, researchers show older persons may be happy and healthy.”

This is how Dr. Bill Thomas, of New York, explained it, expert in geriatric medicine and care for older adults, who was in Colombia with the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, where he talked about this life stage. According to him, most of the older adults only suffer from some kind of disease or disability but also they feel despair, sadness, loneliness and boredom. This happens because many are alone in spite of having a family.

Besides the fear of age, which continues to be a constant thinking of many people, mostly women. “They face higher standards of beauty during their life and see themselves penalized when the society considers them not so young anymore,” comments the expert, for whom the bad feelings in the third age, come from myths and false beliefs.

And in order to avoid all this, he advises to surround of friends and relatives, mostly, if they are young persons who want to listen, learn and teach new things. It is also necessary to make activities outside the house, like visiting some friends.

According to Thomas, there are three ways of assuming this stage. The first one is linked to those denying ageing and cling to be adults. Others are the ones accepting been old but decide to combat the process.

Finally, there are those who assume the ideal form: “with the open heart they embrace ageing and look for the richness of this final stage of life,” affirms Thomas, the author of the book, the “Tribe of Eden.”

He presents in the text a vision of the mature age and advices how to receive the best way this last stage of life. We hereby give some of his teachings:

Think about the rest

Most unhappy people are those giving prime importance to their own problems. It is good to think about helping others or being a part of an organization.


Get rid of bad thoughts. Focus yourself in everything that make you feel comfortable with the experiences you are going through. Willing to be older or younger is not healthy.

Recalling the past is possitive

It is good to count your own life story and experiences. Even if you can write it by parts and hand over a copy to your relatives and friends.

Do not forget your skills

Even if you do not do them the same way or take longer time, make everything that you used to like before, like knitting, cooking, walking, singing and other activities.

Growth stage

It is necessary to see ageing like a growth age and not like a decline stage. Sadness feelings will turn out worst to face possible diseases.